Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the well-being of employees, clients & communities, as well as aiding in the contribution to a healthier environment.

CheckPoint brings solutions such as Atlas' "PLAN A" to help ensure a seamless, safe, convenient travel experience. Along with working to implement green policies, carbon & energy quantification, as well as charity involvement, CheckPoint will keep you at the forefront of social initiatives.

Some aspects of CheckPoint:

PLAN A - Atlas Travel Duty of Care Suite

• Pre-trip & day of flight status messaging
• Worldwide event monitoring & reporting
• Severe weather monitoring & advisories
• Airline safety
• Government & country profiles
• Country Information & statistics
• Crime reporting
• Cultural laws & restrictions
• Airport closures or delays
• Itinerary specific traveler advisories


AtlasGreen - Environmental Protection & Awareness

• Carbon & energy quantification
• Procurement of sustainable travel services

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