Global Connection offers multinational corporations customized solutions designed to harness multinational travel spend, help control costs and expand the reach of their travel program

Global Connection benefits include:

BCD Global Affiliation
The BCD Travel Affiliate Program offers a full range of travel services that boost productivity, increase market share, cut costs and build revenue. Through our affiliation, we are able to navigate through the rapid changes in the industry and extend the benefits of managed travel to travelers and operations in areas outside the United States.

Atlas Private World Fares
Through Atlas Private World Fares, our agents have point-of-sale access to a world-wide inventory of content that includes private and public fares, foreign point-of-sale fares, low cost carriers, etc. from over 60 airlines. We have the ability to quote and ticket fares from multiple countries in the local currency and also view the USD fare equivalent for ease of comparison.  These fares can provide significant savings.

Atlas Travel has the ability to collect travel data from any agency that our customers are working with in different countries as long as they are able to provide us a data feed. We are able to import these data feeds into our reporting system to provide consolidated global reporting for customers.


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